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Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder - Back on Track Today!
Performance at its Best - at the Point of Race

laguna seccaLaguna Seca - California

First test session after the restoration in the USA.

Driver: Winner of Daytona, Ex-Formula 1 pilot Giovanni Lavaggi

His judgement "The K8 is perfect!"

bb today v1Bilster Berg Drive Resort - Germany

The highlight at the opening of Germany's newest race track:

The Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder

Driver: Ralf Kelleners, 9 times Le Mans participant, today commentator at Eurosport

paul ricardRace Track Paul Ricard - France

On Track-Event for guests and customers, Action!

Ready any time for a new track record, the Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder in best shape


Tuesday, 18th June 2024

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