Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder - Racing Transporter

Current and historical race cars have one thing in common -
they need to be transported to their point of use

Our race car transporter is available for you!

You lack a suitable vehicle to transport your race car or your classic car?

To meet your needs, we offer:

a light weight race car transporter, modified and dedicated for the transport of high value vehicles, 7,49 tons gross weight, fitted with an hydraulic lift, additionally fitted out for the transport of extras, such as wheels, tyres and equipment.

Daily fees:

From EUR 150,00 net per day, 100 km per day included
Excess kilometres are at EUR 0,50 net per km
Plus fuel costs
Driver and Co-driver:
EUR 300,00 net per day, plus accommodation expenses

The rental fee for the race car transporter does not include any insurance for the loaded goods, neither expressed nor implied.
This insurance must be taken out by the renting party.
This race car transporter may only be driven and operated by skilled and properly trained personnel.

For a long-term rental agreement, or for long distance hauls, please ask for a dedicated offer.

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Thursday, 25th July 2024

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