Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder - Le Mans History

The Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder is making history at Le Mans

DSC7922 LM9524 Hours of Le Mans 1995

The newly built Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder 02 is "state of the art" - carbon fibre tub for maximum torsion rigidity.

Porsche chooses this car to fly the flag as a works effort, delegating as well its top line drivers Hans Joachim Stuck and Thierry Boutsen.
Christophe Bouchut, with Kremer since 1994, is the 3rd man on board.

The brand new Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder reaches a 6th place overall, an excellent result at its first mission at Le Mans!

K8 Fouche frontal LM9624 Hours of Le Mans 1996

The two K8 Spyder get the race numbers «1» and «2»

Top drivers take up the challenge: two Le Mans winners, Stanley Dickens and Christophe Bouchut, joint by Jürgen Lässig, Harri Toivonen, George Fouché and Steve Fossett

But during the race, the odds turn against them all.

Teamfoto LM9724 Hours of Le Mans 1997

Two K8 Spyder show up, the REPSOL car is qualified for the race.

Tomas Saldaña, Carl Rosenblad and Jürgen Lässig, in his 16th Le Mans effort, are within the Top Ten, when a technical breakdown stops their efforts.

lm 199824 Hours of Le Mans 1998

For the two old hands Almo Coppelli, Rocky Agusta and the freshbee Xavier Pompidou, it all fits perfectly well - the speed is there, and the car is reliably.

They are awarded by a podium: 2nd in class of the Sports Prototypes, a terrific success!


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