Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder - The Winner!

daytona 1995 v21995 - Winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona!

Christophe Bouchut, Jürgen Lässig, Giovanni Lavaggi and Marco Werner are victorious at this race.

A kind of sensation:
Three of the K8 pilots are experiencing the banking of Daytona their very first time, and for the 4th one, Jürgen Lässig, he was here nearly 20 years ago...

But the team is familiar with the track, the boys know their "baby" very well.

Reliability, paired with speed and a profound experience of countless Le Mans participations are a solid base for the spectacular success!

monza history 19971997 - 1000-Kilometer-Race Monza
Victory of the favourites in Italy!

John Nielsen and Thomas Bscher
at the wheel of the Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder

The Danish driver John Nielsen, a man knowing every trick in the book, and his German co driver Tomas Bscher,
European GT Champion, take benefit from the coolness of their team, and of a perfect car.

"If you want to arrive first, first you have to arrive"


Tuesday, 18th June 2024

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